Key Stage 2 Tudor Days in Schools

If you’re thinking of having Good King Hal into your school for a full and exciting Tudor Day then hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect.  A full Tudor day would start with my arrival at the school (usually about 8.00-8.30 when a cup of tea is very welcome – milk, one sugar please!), this gives me ample time to unload my props and get into costume.  We would need to use the main hall for most of the day and keep the group together as one.  Bring the children in to meet Henry after you have had your usual morning registration.  We begin with a short, humorous, but informative talk from Henry, giving the history of the Tudors, where they came from, what influence they had on British society and history, and what influence they are having still today.  There is close detail on each of Henry’s six wives.  The King will now explain about Tudor health and hygiene – and the lack of it, plus some of the mad and grisly cures Tudor Doctors would foist on their poor patients!  When this is over, we will then embark on a couple of fun informative activities.  First the children will be tackling a fiendish Tudor quiz based on the opening talk from Henry with prizes for the top scores!  Next the King informs the group about his likes – and dislikes, about what he did with his spare time, the food he ate, how he ate it.  Henry will also discuss Tudor life for the ordinary man in the street and display his musical skills on authentic Tudor instruments!  We usually have a break during this session.  If there is any time before the lunch break, the King is more than happy to indulge in a question and answer session with the children in a “hot seat” situation.

After lunch, we return to Tudor times when the King tells the children of the penalties for wrong doers in all its gory detail!  (Stocks are available if any miscreants present themselves to the King!  Teachers included!)  Time permitting; I also give them a full idea of what school was like in Tudor times.  After this we get to the highlight of the day – a jousting tournament!  The King and the teachers select two teams who must ride hobby horses along a tilt yard, plucking quoits from quintains as they go – combining skill and speed in a fiendish relay race!  Boys race boys – then girls race girls!  The winners of both heats then go head to head in the final! The winners are proclaimed champions of the school for the year and receive certificates signed by the King.  And you never know – there might be time for the teachers to try their hands as well!

So, if you’d like to try and book a day, or would like to discuss prices etc., then please either email me from our “Contact Us” page, or you can call me on 07709 216281.  If you have any other questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and I shall do my best to help!  Just to let you know the King is well and truly DBS checked (CRB as was) and has public liability insurance.  I hope this has been of some help to you and I look forward to hearing from you.

For more details of the Key Stage 2 Tudor day that Good King Hal can provide for your school, email him at or phone or write to him (details on the ‘contact us’ page).

Feedback from pupils

These are a few samples of the letters and pictures that school children send Mike following a Good King Hal KS2 Tudor day at their school. They give a bit of an indication of how memorable and enjoyable Mike can make the day for them. (Click on each letter to view a larger version.)